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PHP Manual


(PECL pecl_http >= 0.10.0)

http_throttleHTTP throttling


void http_throttle ( float $sec [, int $bytes = 40960 ] )

Sets the throttle delay and send buffer size.

Note: This function should be used in conjunction with http_send_data(), http_send_file() and http_send_stream().

Note: Provides a basic throttling mechanism, which will yield the current process or thread until the entity has been completely sent.


This may not work as expected with the following SAPI(s): FastCGI.



seconds to sleep after each chunk sent


the chunk size in bytes


Example #1 A http_throttle() example

Send file with approximately 20 kbyte/s.

// ~ 20 kbyte/s
# http_throttle(1, 20000);
# http_throttle(0.5, 10000);

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