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ebiz-consult GmbH & Co. KG
Unterm Dorf 5
D-63329 Egelsbach (Frankfurt)

 +49 (0) 6103 831 47 – 0
 +49 (0) 6103 831 47 – 29

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Volksbank Dreieich
Kto.Nr. 307324375
BLZ 505 922 00
Our IBAN Nr.: DE68 5059 2200 0307 3243 75


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UST-Id.: DE 202 177 720
HRA 40084
Amtsgericht Offenbach am Main

Project leader
Herr Bernhard Bauder

Frau Michaela Bauder

Herr Bernhard Bauder

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 ebiz-consult, introducing ourselves

ebiz-consult e.K. was founded by Bernhard Bauder at febuary 2003 in Frankfurt am Main. The companys main focus is on the development of online application under usage of the PHP programming language and the linux-webservers it is involved with.

The modular and peripheral buildup of the ebiz-consult knowhow-center allows us to offer customized and inexpensive solutions for every company independent on its size and branch.

ebiz-consult e.K. features key skills in the divisions:

A overview to our services and references you can find on our webpage