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PHP Manual


The following changes have been made to classes/functions/methods of this extension.

5.3.4sleepBefore PHP 5.3.4, on Windows, sleep always returns NULL when sleep has occurred, regardless of whether the sleep was interrupted or not.
5.3.0time_nanosleepThis function is now available on Windows platforms.
 time_sleep_untilThis function is now available on Windows platforms.
5.0.5php_check_syntaxThis function was removed from PHP.
5.0.3php_check_syntaxCalling exit after php_check_syntax resulted in a Segfault.
5.0.1php_check_syntaxerror_message is passed by reference.
5.0.0uniqidThe prefix parameter was made optional.
 usleepThis function now works on Windows systems.
4.3.2get_browserThe optional parameter return_array was added.
4.3.1uniqidThe limit of 114 characters long for prefix was raised.
4.2.1highlight_fileThis function is now also affected by safe_mode and open_basedir.
4.2.0highlight_fileThe return parameter was added.
 highlight_stringThe return parameter was added.

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