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PHP Manual

The ArrayIterator class

(PHP 5)


This iterator allows to unset and modify values and keys while iterating over Arrays and Objects.

When you want to iterate over the same array multiple times you need to instantiate ArrayObject and let it create ArrayIterator instances that refer to it either by using foreach or by calling its getIterator() method manually.

Class synopsis

/* Methods */
public void append ( mixed $value )
public void asort ( void )
public __construct ([ mixed $array = array() [, int $flags = 0 ]] )
public int count ( void )
public mixed current ( void )
public array getArrayCopy ( void )
public void getFlags ( void )
public mixed key ( void )
public void ksort ( void )
public void natcasesort ( void )
public void natsort ( void )
public void next ( void )
public void offsetExists ( string $index )
public mixed offsetGet ( string $index )
public void offsetSet ( string $index , string $newval )
public void offsetUnset ( string $index )
public void rewind ( void )
public void seek ( int $position )
public string serialize ( void )
public void setFlags ( string $flags )
public void uasort ( string $cmp_function )
public void uksort ( string $cmp_function )
public string unserialize ( string $serialized )
public bool valid ( void )

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