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PHP Manual

The tidyNode class

(No version information available, might only be in SVN)


An HTML node in an HTML file, as detected by tidy.

Class synopsis

tidyNode {
/* Properties */
/* Methods */
tidyNode getParent ( void )
bool hasChildren ( void )
bool hasSiblings ( void )
bool isAsp ( void )
bool isComment ( void )
bool isHtml ( void )
bool isJste ( void )
bool isPhp ( void )
bool isText ( void )



The HTML representation of the node, including the surrounding tags.


The name of the HTML node


The type of the tag (one of the constants above, e.g. TIDY_NODETYPE_PHP)


The line number at which the tags is located in the file


The column number at which the tags is located in the file


Indicates if the node is a proprietary tag


The ID of the tag (one of the constants above, e.g. TIDY_TAG_FRAME)


An array of string, representing the attributes names (as keys) of the current node.


An array of tidyNode, representing the children of the current node.

Version Description
5.1.0 line, column and proprietary were added

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