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PHP Manual

The Yaf_Application class

(No version information available, might only be in SVN)


Yaf_Application provides a bootstrapping facility for applications which provides reusable resources, common- and module-based bootstrap classes and dependency checking.


Yaf_Application implements the singleton pattern, and Yaf_Application can not be serialized or unserialized which will cause problem when you try to use PHPUnit to write some test case for Yaf.

You may use @backupGlobals annotation of PHPUnit to control the backup and restore operations for global variables. thus can solve this promblem.

Class synopsis

/* Properties */
protected $config ;
protected $dispatcher ;
protected static $_app ;
protected $_modules ;
protected $_running ;
protected $_environ ;
/* Methods */
public static void app ( void )
public void bootstrap ([ Yaf_Bootstrap_Abstract $bootstrap ] )
public Yaf_Application clearLastError ( void )
private void __clone ( void )
public __construct ( mixed $config [, string $envrion ] )
public void __destruct ( void )
public void environ ( void )
public void execute ( callable $entry , string $... )
public Yaf_Application getAppDirectory ( void )
public Yaf_Config_Abstract getConfig ( void )
public Yaf_Dispatcher getDispatcher ( void )
public string getLastErrorMsg ( void )
public int getLastErrorNo ( void )
public array getModules ( void )
public void run ( void )
public Yaf_Application setAppDirectory ( string $directory )
private void __sleep ( void )
private void __wakeup ( void )








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