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PHP Manual

Runtime Configuration

The behaviour of these functions is affected by settings in php.ini.

Yaf Configure Options
Name Default Changeable Changelog
yaf.library   its PHP_INI_ALL value
yaf.action_prefer 0 its PHP_INI_ALL value
yaf.lowcase_path 0 its PHP_INI_ALL value
yaf.use_spl_autoload 0 its PHP_INI_ALL value
yaf.forward_limit 5 its PHP_INI_ALL value
yaf.name_suffix 1 its PHP_INI_ALL value
yaf.name_separator   its PHP_INI_ALL value
yaf.cache_config 0 its PHP_INI_SYS value
yaf.st_compatible 0 its PHP_INI_ALL value
yaf.environ product its PHP_INI_ALL value
yaf.use_namespace 0 its PHP_INI_ALL value

Here's a short explanation of the configuration directives.

yaf.library string

The global library path, Yaf_loader will search global library in this directory.

yaf.action_prefer integer

If there is only one part in PATH_INFO, should it consider as a controller or action.

If this configure On, it will be considered as a Action name.

yaf.lowcase_path integer

Whether lowercase all the path during the class autoloading.

yaf.use_spl_autoload integer

When this value is On, if Yaf_Loader can not find a class, it will return FALSE, then give chance to other auto load function to be called.

When this value is Off(default), Yaf_Loader::autoload() will always return TRUE.

yaf.forward_limit integer

The max forward count, default is 5. that means you can have a max value of 5 in the forward stack.

This is a protection for prevent recursive Yaf_Controller_Abstract::forward().

yaf.name_suffix integer

When this On, Yaf_Loader will indetify a class by it's suffix to decide whether it is a MVC Class.

When this Off, Yaf_Loader will look at the prefix of the class name.

yaf.name_separator string

When this is not empty, Yaf_Loader will identify the class suffix and string value of this.

For example, when this value is "_", Yaf_Loader will take Index_Controller as a Controller Class, IndexController as a normal class.

yaf.cache_config integer

If this is On, and in the meantime you are using ini config file as the parameter of Yaf_Application(), the compiling result of the ini config file will be cached in the PHP process.


Yaf examine the mtime of the ini file, if it was changed since last compiling, Yaf will reload it.


Yaf use the ini file path as the cache entry key, so do use the absolute path in ini file path, otherwise there might be some conflicts if two application use the same relative path of ini config.

yaf.st_compatible integer

yaf.environ string

This value is "product" by default, used for Yaf to fetch the config section of a ini config file.

That is, if this value is "product", Yaf will use the section named "product" in the ini config file(the first parameter of the Yaf_Application) as the final config of the Yaf_Application.

yaf.use_namespace integer

Only works as of PHP 5.3, if this value is On, All class of Yaf will named in namespace style.

For example, Yaf_Route_Rewrite => \Yaf\Route\Rewrite, Yaf_Controller_Abstract => \Yaf\Controller_Abstract (Abstract is the keyword, can not used as a class name)

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