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PHP Manual


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

class_existsChecks if the class has been defined


bool class_exists ( string $class_name [, bool $autoload = true ] )

This function checks whether or not the given class has been defined.



The class name. The name is matched in a case-insensitive manner.


Whether or not to call __autoload by default.

Return Values

Returns TRUE if class_name is a defined class, FALSE otherwise.


Version Description
5.0.2 No longer returns TRUE for defined interfaces. Use interface_exists().
5.0.0 The autoload parameter was added.


Example #1 class_exists() example

// Check that the class exists before trying to use it
if (class_exists('MyClass')) {
$myclass = new MyClass();


Example #2 autoload parameter example

function __autoload($class)
$class '.php');

// Check to see whether the include declared the class
if (!class_exists($classfalse)) {
trigger_error("Unable to load class: $class"E_USER_WARNING);

if (
class_exists('MyClass')) {
$myclass = new MyClass();


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