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(PECL CUBRID >= 8.3.0)

cubrid_fetchFetch the next row from a result set


mixed cubrid_fetch ( resource $result [, int $type = CUBRID_BOTH ] )

The cubrid_fetch() function is used to get a single row from the query result. The cursor automatically moves to the next row after getting the result.



result comes from a call to cubrid_execute()


Array type of the fetched result CUBRID_NUM, CUBRID_ASSOC, CUBRID_BOTH, CUBRID_OBJECT. If you want to operate the lob object, you can use CUBRID_LOB.

Return Values

Result array or object, when process is successful.

FALSE, when there are no more rows; NULL, when process is unsuccessful.

The result can be received either as an array or as an object, and you can decide which data type to use by setting the type argument. The type variable can be set to one of the following values:

  • CUBRID_NUM : Numerical array (0-based)
  • CUBRID_ASSOC : Associative array
  • CUBRID_BOTH : Numerical & Associative array (default)
  • CUBRID_OBJECT : object that has the attribute name as the column name of query result

When type argument is omitted, the result will be received using CUBRID_BOTH option as default. When you want to receive query result in object data type, the column name of the result must obey the naming rules for identifiers in PHP. For example, column name such as "count(*)" cannot be received in object type.


Example #1 cubrid_fetch() example

$req cubrid_execute($conn"SELECT * FROM stadium WHERE nation_code='GRE' AND seats > 10000");

printf("%-40s %-10s %-6s %-20s\n""name""area""seats""address");
while (
$row cubrid_fetch($req)) {
printf("%-40s %-10s %-6s %-20s\n"
$row["name"], $row["area"], $row["seats"], $row["address"]);

// if you want to operate lob object, you can use cubrid_fetch($req, CUBRID_LOB)



The above example will output:

name                                     area       seats  address             
Panathinaiko Stadium                     86300.00   50000  Athens, Greece      
Olympic Stadium                          54700.00   13000  Athens, Greece      
Olympic Indoor Hall                      34100.00   18800  Athens, Greece      
Olympic Hall                             52400.00   21000  Athens, Greece      
Olympic Aquatic Centre                   42500.00   11500  Athens, Greece      
Markopoulo Olympic Equestrian Centre     64000.00   15000  Markopoulo, Athens, Greece
Faliro Coastal Zone Olympic Complex      34650.00   12171  Faliro, Athens, Greece
Athens Olympic Stadium                   120400.00  71030  Maroussi, Athens, Greece 
Ano Liossia                              34000.00   12000  Ano Liosia, Athens, Greece

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