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(PECL CUBRID >= 8.3.0)

cubrid_field_lenGet the maximum length of the specified field


int cubrid_field_len ( resource $result , int $field_offset )

This function returns the maximum length of the specified field on success, or it returns FALSE on failure.



result comes from a call to cubrid_execute()


The numerical field offset. The field_offset starts at 0. If field_offset does not exist, an error of level E_WARNING is also issued.

Return Values

Maximum length, when process is successful.

FALSE on failure.


Example #1 cubrid_field_len() example

$result cubrid_execute($conn"SELECT * FROM game WHERE host_year=2004 AND nation_code='AUS' AND medal='G'");

$column_names cubrid_column_names($result);
$column_types cubrid_column_types($result);

printf("%-30s %-30s %-15s\n""Column Names""Column Types""Column Maxlen");
$i 0$size count($column_names); $i $size$i++) {
$column_len cubrid_field_len($result$i);
printf("%-30s %-30s %-15s\n"$column_names[$i], $column_types[$i], $column_len); 


The above example will output:

Column Names                   Column Types                   Column Maxlen  
host_year                      integer                        11             
event_code                     integer                        11             
athlete_code                   integer                        11             
stadium_code                   integer                        11             
nation_code                    char(3)                        3              
medal                          char(1)                        1              
game_date                      date                           10             

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