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PHP Manual


(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5 <= 5.0.5, PECL mnogosearch >= 1.0.0)

udm_findPerform search


resource udm_find ( resource $agent , string $query )

Performs a search.

The search itself. The first argument - session, the next one - query itself. To find something just type words you want to find and press SUBMIT button. For example, "mysql odbc". You should not use quotes " in query, they are written here only to divide a query from other text. mnoGoSearch will find all documents that contain word "mysql" and/or word "odbc". Best documents having bigger weights will be displayed first. If you use search mode ALL, search will return documents that contain both (or more) words you entered. In case you use mode ANY, the search will return list of documents that contain any of the words you entered. If you want more advanced results you may use query language. You should select "bool" match mode in the search from.



A link to Agent, received after call to udm_alloc_agent().


mnoGoSearch understands the following boolean operators:

& - logical AND. For example, "mysql & odbc". mnoGoSearch will find any URLs that contain both "mysql" and "odbc".

| - logical OR. For example "mysql|odbc". mnoGoSearch will find any URLs, that contain word "mysql" or word "odbc".

~ - logical NOT. For example "mysql & ~odbc". mnoGoSearch will find URLs that contain word "mysql" and do not contain word "odbc" at the same time. Note that ~ just excludes given word from results. Query "~odbc" will find nothing!

() - group command to compose more complex queries. For example "(mysql | msql) & ~postgres". Query language is simple and powerful at the same time. Just consider query as usual boolean expression.

Return Values

Returns a result link identifier on success or FALSE on failure.

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