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PHP Manual

The Yaf_Dispatcher class

(No version information available, might only be in SVN)


Yaf_Dispatcher purpose is to initialize the request environment, route the incoming request, and then dispatch any discovered actions; it aggregates any responses and returns them when the process is complete.

Yaf_Dispatcher also implements the Singleton pattern, meaning only a single instance of it may be available at any given time. This allows it to also act as a registry on which the other objects in the dispatch process may draw.

Class synopsis

final Yaf_Dispatcher {
/* Properties */
protected $_router ;
protected $_view ;
protected $_request ;
protected $_plugins ;
protected static $_instance ;
protected $_auto_render ;
protected $_return_response ;
protected $_instantly_flush ;
protected $_default_module ;
protected $_default_action ;
/* Methods */
public Yaf_Dispatcher autoRender ( bool $flag )
public Yaf_Dispatcher catchException ([ bool $flag ] )
private void __clone ( void )
public __construct ( void )
public Yaf_Dispatcher disableView ( void )
public Yaf_Response_Abstract dispatch ( Yaf_Request_Abstract $request )
public Yaf_Dispatcher enableView ( void )
public Yaf_Dispatcher flushInstantly ( bool $flag )
public Yaf_Application getApplication ( void )
public static Yaf_Dispatcher getInstance ( void )
public Yaf_Request_Abstract getRequest ( void )
public Yaf_Router getRouter ( void )
public Yaf_View_Interface initView ( string $templates_dir [, array $options ] )
public Yaf_Dispatcher registerPlugin ( Yaf_Plugin_Abstract $plugin )
public Yaf_Dispatcher returnResponse ( bool $flag )
public Yaf_Dispatcher setDefaultAction ( string $action )
public Yaf_Dispatcher setDefaultController ( string $controller )
public Yaf_Dispatcher setDefaultModule ( string $module )
public Yaf_Dispatcher setErrorHandler ( call $callback , int $error_types )
public Yaf_Dispatcher setRequest ( Yaf_Request_Abstract $request )
public Yaf_Dispatcher setView ( Yaf_View_Interface $view )
private void __sleep ( void )
public Yaf_Dispatcher throwException ([ bool $flag ] )
private void __wakeup ( void )













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