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(PECL maxdb >= 1.0)

maxdb_stmt_bind_result -- maxdb_stmt::bind_resultBinds variables to a prepared statement for result storage


Procedural style

bool maxdb_stmt_bind_result ( resource $stmt , mixed &$var1 [, mixed &$... ] )

Object oriented style

bool maxdb_stmt::bind_result ( mixed &$var1 [, mixed &$... ] )

maxdb_stmt_bind_result() is used to associate (bind) columns in the result set to variables. When maxdb_stmt_fetch() is called to fetch data, the MaxDB client/server protocol places the data for the bound columns into the specified variables var1, ....


Note that all columns must be bound prior to calling maxdb_stmt_fetch(). Depending on column types bound variables can silently change to the corresponding PHP type.

A column can be bound or rebound at any time, even after a result set has been partially retrieved. The new binding takes effect the next time maxdb_stmt_fetch() is called.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


Example #1 Object oriented style

= new maxdb("localhost""MONA""RED""DEMODB");

if (
maxdb_connect_errno()) {
printf("Connect failed: %s\n"maxdb_connect_error());

/* prepare statement */
if ($stmt $maxdb->prepare("SELECT zip, name FROM ORDER BY name")) {

/* bind variables to prepared statement */

/* fetch values */
while ($stmt->fetch()) {
printf("%s %s\n"$col1$col2);

/* close statement */
/* close connection */


Example #2 Procedural style


/* check connection */
if (!$link) {
printf("Connect failed: %s\n"maxdb_connect_error());

/* prepare statement */
if ($stmt maxdb_prepare($link"SELECT zip, name FROM ORDER BY name")) {

/* bind variables to prepared statement */

/* fetch values */
while (maxdb_stmt_fetch($stmt)) {
printf("%s %s\n"$col1$col2);

/* close statement */

/* close connection */

The above example will output something similar to:

12203 Albany
60601 Chicago
60615 Chicago
45211 Cincinnati
33575 Clearwater
75243 Dallas
32018 Daytona Beach
33441 Deerfield Beach
48226 Detroit
90029 Hollywood
92714 Irvine
90804 Long Beach
11788 Long Island
90018 Los Angeles
70112 New Orleans
10019 New York
10580 New York
92262 Palm Springs
97213 Portland
60018 Rosemont
95054 Santa Clara
20903 Silver Spring
20005 Washington
20019 Washington
20037 Washington

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