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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5)

pg_last_notice Returns the last notice message from PostgreSQL server


string pg_last_notice ( resource $connection )

pg_last_notice() returns the last notice message from the PostgreSQL server on the specified connection. The PostgreSQL server sends notice messages in several cases, for instance when creating a SERIAL column in a table.

With pg_last_notice(), you can avoid issuing useless queries by checking whether or not the notice is related to your transaction.

Notice message tracking can be set to optional by setting 1 for pgsql.ignore_notice in php.ini.

Notice message logging can be set to optional by setting 0 for pgsql.log_notice in php.ini. Unless pgsql.ignore_notice is set to 0, notice message cannot be logged.



PostgreSQL database connection resource.

Return Values

A string containing the last notice on the given connection, or FALSE on error.


Version Description
4.3.0 This function is now fully implemented. Earlier versions ignores database connection parameter.
4.3.0 The pgsql.ignore_notice and pgsql.log_notice php.ini directives were added.
4.0.6 PHP 4.0.6 has problem with notice message handling. Use of the PostgreSQL module with PHP 4.0.6 is not recommended even if you are not using pg_last_notice().


Example #1 pg_last_notice() example

pg_connect("dbname=mark host=localhost");
$res pg_query("CREATE TABLE test (id SERIAL)");
$notice pg_last_notice($pgsql_conn);

The above example will output:

CREATE TABLE will create implicit sequence "test_id_seq" for "serial" column ""

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