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PHP Manual


(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)

pg_result_status Get status of query result


mixed pg_result_status ( resource $result [, int $type = PGSQL_STATUS_LONG ] )

pg_result_status() returns the status of a result resource, or the PostgreSQL command completion tag associated with the result



PostgreSQL query result resource, returned by pg_query(), pg_query_params() or pg_execute() (among others).


Either PGSQL_STATUS_LONG to return the numeric status of the result, or PGSQL_STATUS_STRING to return the command tag of the result. If not specified, PGSQL_STATUS_LONG is the default.

Return Values

Possible return values are PGSQL_EMPTY_QUERY, PGSQL_COMMAND_OK, PGSQL_TUPLES_OK, PGSQL_COPY_OUT, PGSQL_COPY_IN, PGSQL_BAD_RESPONSE, PGSQL_NONFATAL_ERROR and PGSQL_FATAL_ERROR if PGSQL_STATUS_LONG is specified. Otherwise, a string containing the PostgreSQL command tag is returned.


Version Description
4.3.0 The type parameter was added.


Example #1 pg_result_status() example


// Connect to the database
$conn pg_pconnect("dbname=publisher");

// Execute a COPY
$result pg_query($conn"COPY authors FROM STDIN;");

// Get the result status
$status pg_result_status($result);

// Determine status
if ($status == PGSQL_COPY_IN)
"Copy began.";
"Copy failed.";

The above example will output:

Copy began.

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