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PHP Manual


(PHP 5 < 5.4.0, PECL sqlite >= 1.0.0)

sqlite_escape_stringEscapes a string for use as a query parameter


string sqlite_escape_string ( string $item )

sqlite_escape_string() will correctly quote the string specified by item for use in an SQLite SQL statement. This includes doubling up single-quote characters (') and checking for binary-unsafe characters in the query string.

Although the encoding makes it safe to insert the data, it will render simple text comparisons and LIKE clauses in your queries unusable for the columns that contain the binary data. In practice, this shouldn't be a problem, as your schema should be such that you don't use such things on binary columns (in fact, it might be better to store binary data using other means, such as in files).



The string being quoted.

If the item contains a NUL character, or if it begins with a character whose ordinal value is 0x01, PHP will apply a binary encoding scheme so that you can safely store and retrieve binary data.

Return Values

Returns an escaped string for use in an SQLite SQL statement.


Note: Do not use this function to encode the return values from UDF's created using sqlite_create_function() or sqlite_create_aggregate() - use sqlite_udf_encode_binary() instead.


addslashes() should NOT be used to quote your strings for SQLite queries; it will lead to strange results when retrieving your data.

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