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PHP Manual


(PHP 5)

snmp_read_mib Reads and parses a MIB file into the active MIB tree


bool snmp_read_mib ( string $filename )

This function is used to load additional, e.g. vendor specific, MIBs so that human readable OIDs like VENDOR-MIB::foo.1 instead of error prone numeric OIDs can be used.

The order in which the MIBs are loaded does matter as the underlying Net-SNMP libary will print warnings if referenced objects cannot be resolved.



The filename of the MIB.


Example #1 Using snmp_read_mib()

snmprealwalk('localhost''public''.') );
print_rsnmprealwalk('localhost''public''FOO-BAR-MIB::someTable' );

The above example is made up but the results would look like:

    [iso.] => Gauge32: 6
    [FOO-BAR-MIB::someTable.0] => Gauge32: 6

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