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PHP Manual


(PHP 5)

stream_socket_recvfromReceives data from a socket, connected or not


string stream_socket_recvfrom ( resource $socket , int $length [, int $flags = 0 [, string &$address ]] )

stream_socket_recvfrom() accepts data from a remote socket up to length bytes.



The remote socket.


The number of bytes to receive from the socket.


The value of flags can be any combination of the following:

Possible values for flags
STREAM_OOB Process OOB (out-of-band) data.
STREAM_PEEK Retrieve data from the socket, but do not consume the buffer. Subsequent calls to fread() or stream_socket_recvfrom() will see the same data.


If address is provided it will be populated with the address of the remote socket.

Return Values

Returns the read data, as a string


Example #1 stream_socket_recvfrom() example

/* Open a server socket to port 1234 on localhost */
$server stream_socket_server('tcp://');

/* Accept a connection */
$socket stream_socket_accept($server);

/* Grab a packet (1500 is a typical MTU size) of OOB data */
echo "Received Out-Of-Band: '" stream_socket_recvfrom($socket1500STREAM_OOB) . "'\n";

/* Take a peek at the normal in-band data, but don't comsume it. */
echo "Data: '" stream_socket_recvfrom($socket1500STREAM_PEEK) . "'\n";

/* Get the exact same packet again, but remove it from the buffer this time. */
echo "Data: '" stream_socket_recvfrom($socket1500) . "'\n";

/* Close it up */



If a message received is longer than the length parameter, excess bytes may be discarded depending on the type of socket the message is received from (such as UDP).


Calls to stream_socket_recvfrom() on socket-based streams, after calls to buffer-based stream functions (like fread() or stream_get_line()) read data directly from the socket and bypass the stream buffer.

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