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PHP Manual


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

assert_optionsSet/get the various assert flags


mixed assert_options ( int $what [, mixed $value ] )

Set the various assert() control options or just query their current settings.



Assert Options
Option INI Setting Default value Description
ASSERT_ACTIVE 1 enable assert() evaluation
ASSERT_WARNING assert.warning 1 issue a PHP warning for each failed assertion
ASSERT_BAIL assert.bail 0 terminate execution on failed assertions
ASSERT_QUIET_EVAL assert.quiet_eval 0 disable error_reporting during assertion expression evaluation
ASSERT_CALLBACK assert.callback (NULL) Callback to call on failed assertions


An optional new value for the option.

Return Values

Returns the original setting of any option or FALSE on errors.


Example #1 assert_options() example

// This is our function to handle 
// assert failures
function assert_failure()
'Assert failed';

// This is our test function
function test_assert($parameter)

// Set our assert options
assert_options(ASSERT_ACTIVE,   true);
assert_options(ASSERT_BAIL,     true);
assert_options(ASSERT_WARNING,  false);

// Make an assert that would fail

// This is never reached due to ASSERT_BAIL 
// being true
echo 'Never reached';

See Also

  • assert() - Checks if assertion is FALSE

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