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PHP Manual

Socket context options

Socket context optionsSocket context option listing


Socket context options are available for all wrappers that work over sockets, like tcp, http and ftp.



Used to specify the IP address (either IPv4 or IPv6) and/or the port number that PHP will use to access the network. The syntax is ip:port. Setting the IP or the port to 0 will let the system choose the IP and/or port.


As FTP creates two socket connections during normal operation, the port number cannot be specified using this option.


Used to limit the number of outstanding connections in the socket's listen queue.


This is only applicable to stream_socket_server().


Version Description
5.1.0 Added bindto.
5.3.3 Added backlog.


Example #1 Basic bindto usage example

// connect to the internet using the '' IP
$opts = array(
'socket' => array(
'bindto' => '',

// connect to the internet using the '' IP and port '7000'
$opts = array(
'socket' => array(
'bindto' => '',

// connect to the internet using port '7000'
$opts = array(
'socket' => array(
'bindto' => '0:7000',

// create the context...
$context stream_context_create($opts);

// ...and use it to fetch the data
echo file_get_contents(''false$context);


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