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PHP Manual

Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

Phar compression constants
Constant Value Description
Phar::NONE (integer) 0x00000000 no compression
Phar::COMPRESSED (integer) 0x0000F000 bitmask that can be used with file flags to determine if any compression is present
Phar::GZ (integer) 0x00001000 zlib (gzip) compression
Phar::BZ2 (integer) 0x00002000 bzip2 compression
Phar file format constants
Constant Value Description
Phar::SAME (integer) 0 retain the same file format
Phar::PHAR (integer) 1 phar file format
Phar::TAR (integer) 2 tar file format
Phar::ZIP (integer) 3 zip file format
Phar signature constants
Constant Value Description
Phar::MD5 (integer) 0x0001 signature with md5 hash algorithm
Phar::SHA1 (integer) 0x0002 signature with sha1 hash algorithm
Phar::SHA256 (integer) 0x0003 signature with sha256 hash algorithm (requires hash extension)
Phar::SHA512 (integer) 0x0004 signature with sha512 hash algorithm (requires hash extension)
Phar::OPENSSL (integer) 0x0010 signature with OpenSSL public/private key pair. This is a true, asymmetric key signature.
Phar webPhar mime override constants
Constant Value Description
Phar::PHP (integer) 1 used to instruct the mimeoverrides parameter of Phar::webPhar() that the extension should be parsed as a PHP file
Phar::PHPS (integer) 2 used to instruct the mimeoverrides parameter of Phar::webPhar() that the extension should be parsed as a PHP source file through highlight_file()

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