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PHP Manual


(PHP 4, PHP 5, PECL odbtp >= 1.1.1)

mssql_field_lengthGet the length of a field


int mssql_field_length ( resource $result [, int $offset = -1 ] )

Returns the length of field no. offset in result.



The result resource that is being evaluated. This result comes from a call to mssql_query().


The field offset, starts at 0. If omitted, the current field is used.

Return Values

The length of the specified field index on success or FALSE on failure.


Example #1 mssql_field_length() example

// Connect to MSSQL and select the database

// Send a select query to MSSQL
$query mssql_query('SELECT [name], [age] FROM [php].[dbo].[persons]');

// Print the field length
echo 'The field \'age\' has a data length of ' mssql_field_length($query1);

// Free the query result

The above example will output something similar to:

The field 'age' has a data length of 4


Note: Note to Windows Users

Due to a limitation in the underlying API used by PHP (MS DBLib C API), the length of VARCHAR fields is limited to 255. If you need to store more data, use a TEXT field instead.

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