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Why texting with artificial intelligence is really good

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Artificial intelligence is about to take over the world. The biggest companies are developing systems that can write a text for you. And they do it very well.

Artificial intelligence is a relatively new and exciting technology that has the potential to change the way we live our lives. AI can be used for many tasks, such as translating languages or simply playing chess. One of the latest trends in AI is its use in content creation. The possibilities are endless. You can use an artificial intelligence system to write blog posts, landing pages, or salesletters, for example.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to change how we live our lives. There are many tasks that are already being done today with the help of artificial intelligence, or at least assisting us with certain tasks. For example, when you ask Siri, your iPhone assistant, to figure out the definition of a word, AI is in action. When Facebook uses algorithms to suggest people you want to connect with, AI is also at work. But even with autonomous driving in a car, we are now finding more and more AI systems helping us with our daily lives.


Texting with Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence in content creation is one of the latest trends


In 2015, Google research showed that the quality of text in an internet search is absolutely important for a website's ranking. This was also confirmed by a study conducted by Matt Cutts, a former head of Google's webspam team. In his study, he stated that for the ranking factor, the quality of the content is more important than the freshness of the content.

Allowing an artificial intelligence to write SEO texts is anything but complicated today


Writing a good text is more than just having a nice idea and putting it on a page. Writing is a skill that must be learned, and that takes time. Artificial intelligence can be a good help for an inexperienced writer. Especially if you often have to deal with topics in which you are not at home.

Most text generators use a general language model like GPT-3 trained to generate general text.

Current AI tools not only support you in creating a text, they also support you in researching background information.

What AI services are there for the machine creation of texts?

There have been some interesting projects recently that try to automate some of the tedious parts of content creation. Some focus on automated content creation while others make it easier to create interactive and engaging copy. In our section "Ki-Tools " you will find some tools that you should take a closer look at. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages for certain tasks. Many of the services offer free trial periods, which you should definitely use before you decide on a service.

Have you already had experience with one or the other AI tool? Then write us your experiences in the comments.

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Why texting with artificial intelligence is really good
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