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PHP SQL injection flaw in xt: Commerce 3.0.4

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In the version xt:Commerce 3.0.4 an error has been reported. xt:Commerce is a shop based on PHP

Druch a bug in a php function eregi (null byte injection) to conduct SQL injection is possible in which the admin password can be reset. The bug is in the xt: Commerce Version 4.0.13 not be included.

The xt: Commerce developers are already responding to the vulnerability and a SECURITY FIX released.

xt: Commerce is a PHP shop has already been installed more than 100,000.


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2011.02.26 13:28:02 Shopware macht mir einen guten Eindruck. Danke für den Tipp. ...
2011.02.25 09:16:44 Wir haben Shopware für uns entdeckt. ...
2011.02.24 10:02:43 Welche Shopsoftware setzt Ihr so ein? ...

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xt:Commerce SECURITY FIX für 3.0.4
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