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PHP Manual


(PHP 5)

array_combineCreates an array by using one array for keys and another for its values


array array_combine ( array $keys , array $values )

Creates an array by using the values from the keys array as keys and the values from the values array as the corresponding values.



Array of keys to be used. Illegal values for key will be converted to string.


Array of values to be used

Return Values

Returns the combined array, FALSE if the number of elements for each array isn't equal.


Throws E_WARNING if the number of elements in keys and values does not match.


Version Description
5.4.0 Previous versions issued E_WARNING and returned FALSE for empty arrays.


Example #1 A simple array_combine() example

= array('green''red''yellow');
$b = array('avocado''apple''banana');
$c array_combine($a$b);


The above example will output:

    [green]  => avocado
    [red]    => apple
    [yellow] => banana

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