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ebiz-trader - The Professional PHP Script marketplace

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PHP/ Classified advertising
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ebiz-trader 6.0 has now been converted to 100% with our ebiz-kernel. As our customer you benefit from a well thought-out down to the smallest local classifieds software that gives you everything you could want.
Virtually unlimited opportunities ebiz-trader 6.0

Our new ad market has been designed so that you can sell any type of classified ads. Then it is due to our flexible category system to a possible car market, a multilingual real estate portal, or a general show little market. Even a combination of the above examples is possible.
The high level of automation decreases for all recurring work. This popular system that is transparent and inform you in detail about all operations.

Design - Custom design

By separating the PHP and HTML, there is even novice administrators to possible design changes easily. All design files are stored on the file system structure. Even the most complex design requirements can quickly transpose.
Our integrated CMS that allows you to create as many pages and to provide them with special privileges. So you can for example certain pages only available to registered users.


An extensive caching engine will even allow for huge amounts of ads. The database structure optimized for fast access so that even large category trees can be easily represented.

Communication / ad agents

ebiz-trader is more communicative than ever before. Via email, the user is informed of any actions affecting it directly or indirectly. All e-mail texts are the easiest way to change so that you can display your market staked individually.
The display agent allow your users to be informed about certain events. If for example a product in a particular category set, then all users with the appropriate settings an email notification.

Payment Payment connectivity and billing

You have the ability to market or to offer completely free of charge through premium package bookings.
By default, the display market through a PayPal interface which automatically informs you about the payment status. Other payment providers can be easily integrated with our interface.
The invoice will be comfortable with our software.


For the contents of the linked websites we assume no liability as well as Support.


Other functions are available to you as a member!



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2021.11.09 11:33:12  Neue Funktionen in der Version 7.5.5 - Anti-Virus: Prüfung der Uploads via "ClamAV" ...
2021.03.26 18:08:11  NEUE VERSION VERFÜGBAR. Starten Sie jetzt mit unserer Marktplatz App durch. ...
2019.01.08 09:41:40  Neue Version erhältlich Features Marktplatz: Suche nach Angebotstyp (Angebot/Gesuch) & ...
2017.12.07 16:35:22  B2C/B2B-Software ebiz-trader hat einen neue Version veröffentlicht ...
2016.09.12 10:23:15  ebiz-trader 7.2.1 - News: Style-Tags von Bildern werden beim Speichern nicht mehr entfernt, so d ...

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Script of the week : ebiz-trader - The Professional PHP Script marketplace

01.07.2022 | Berni | Comments 13 Comments | New | Script ansehen 88112 views | Category: PHP/ Classified advertising

thumb_ebiz-trader-startseite.jpeg To use, extremely reliable, fast and intuitive are among the key features of our PHP application. A flexible class design makes it possible to create almost any classifieds. Whether car market, real estate...

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