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SSIComment is a simple database-backed comment system for websites

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PERL/ Database
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It uses server side includes (SSI) so you can easily add it to existing static pages without a lot of messy CGI scripts. SSIComment is great for adding interactivity to your site, building community around your content, and increasing repeat visits by encouraging discussion and debate.Allow website visitors to post their comments on a page of your website
Works with static, regular HTML files - no need to change your current pages, just add one line of HTML!
Uses webserver server side includes to integrate smoothly into your existing layout
Limit the allowable byte size of submitted comments
Block potential submitters by IP address
Receive e-mail notification of new comments posted
Easily setup a page to view all the comments posted on the entire site
Allow posters to receive e-mail notification of new comments on the same page they posted on
Allow HTML code in comments posted
Easy to set up - 5 minutes or less!

For the contents of the linked websites we assume no liability as well as Support.


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