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TRISTAT module is a freeware Server Script for statistical analysis of web traffic to pages, downloads and links with optional content management for downloads.


The program provides a seriously filtered counting. Web crawlers are excluded and separately evaluated. The analysis focuses on a comparative long term traffic evaluation of objects in 3 differential modes of operation (statistics for web pages, downloads and links). Hits are recorded by IP address, time of access, host, referrer, country and browser's language identifier. The visitors and hits are evaluated by allocation of files / hosts / referrers and languages. At time level, hours, days of month, calendar days, calendar weeks and months are evaluated numerically and graphically. The program provides a browser-independent assignment of hits by continents and countries using an IP-to-country function to create world map graphs. In addition, a search function with a graphical presentation, a click path analysis and an auto mail function are integrated.


The optional Download Module generates a download table with the relevant contents of a download directory such as file sizes and given descriptions of each file available. An optional additional property and an optional displayed user level to confirm the Terms and Conditions are available. Protecting the download directory by htaccess, direct linking and sorting are also supported.

For the contents of the linked websites we assume no liability as well as Support.

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