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Even though LEPTON CMS is intended for the more professional users, such as coding and design freelancers, agencies and companies, it is just as well suited for your private homepage, as for rather big company websites. This is achieved by the powerful and extensive addons system, and not to forget the wast possibilities to adapt LEPTON CMS to your specific needs with ease.


For the home and unskilled user it has all the basic needs, and it is available right from the start.
In fact, it should normally not take more than 45 minutes to get you going with your very own professional homepage. Then as your skills and needs grow, the system will grow with you. If you, for some reason, should get stuck in this process, you will get all the help you need on the LEPTON CMS forum.


If you are a professional web developer, web designer, programmer or a company, well, then you may possibly at first think that LEPTON CMS is way to little and simple for you to even consider. Then you should open the hood and take a peek. Here you will find a secure, solid, extensible, and highly adaptable CMS. Some of the core built in functions are:


  • easy to use backend

  • content input via wysiwyg-editors

  • multi-language-support

  • file and media management

  • design via template system

  • addons to extend cms

  • scaling access system

  • and much more...



Learn more visiting project page at

For the contents of the linked websites we assume no liability as well as Support.

Download now:

Other functions are available to you as a member!



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