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NNC-IDS V 2.0 -Firewall Software for my website

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PHP/ Security
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Firewall Software for your website

NNC-IDS is a powerful Web application firewall and is designed to protect your website. The functionality of the NNC-IDS is enormous.

  • Compatible with shared hosting accounts
  • Easy to set up
  • Fully automatic installation
  • Protection for the most popular PHP applications
  • Stand-alone firewall. NNC-IDS will not stop working, even if you update your website
  • Protects against remote and local file inclusions, the execution of code, uploads, MySQL injections, brute force scanner, XSS and many other threats
  • Configurable with many security options
  • Management and Administration
  • Intelligent Dashboard
  • One-click Security Update


    NNC-IDS is compatible with:

With the NNC-IDS They fight just how effective all common attack scenarios which relate to your server. This system filters and blocks all harmful requests for the transfer to your server before an attack can take place. Even if your system is vulnerable and has security holes. The system can quickly and easily (even by a layman) into any website, CMS, Wordpress, Forum etc. are integrated. The system is multi-language and optionally available in German or English.

  • Fully automatic installation
  • Intelligent Dashboard
  • Automatic Abuse function

  • Remote-IP-Blacklist
  • Create reports
  • IP & Host lock


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