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Graph Drawing Class 2

Added on 2001.03.05 by Berni in the category: PHP/ Pictures

Class to draw line, point, area, and bar graphs. Can use left and/or right hand y axis for text. Positive and negative values accepted. X axis can be numeric, with zero axis support. Refer to examples, as well as source code, for illustration of use.

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PHP4 libplot extension module

Added on 2000.10.22 by Berni in the category: PHP/ Pictures

php_plot is a PHP4 extension module interface to libplot. Libplot provides powerful plotting routines and can generate many different image formats, including pseudo-GIFs (even animated!) and PNGs.

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Added on 2000.07.11 by Berni in the category: PHP/ Pictures

DynaGraph creates dynamic graphs based on data selected from a database query. Using PHP, DynaGraph accesses a MySQL database, and uses the results to plot information to a bar graph in the GIF format, using gd1.3.

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JMK Picture Gallery v1.0.0

Added on 2000.07.10 by Berni in the category: PHP/ Pictures

This script can prove a lot of help for artists who want to publish their work online, photo galleries, or simply to thumbnail your family photos

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Upload and Resize an Image

Added on 2000.06.13 by web480@ in the category: PHP/ Pictures

You have created a cool contact directory and you want to allow people to upload their own photos, or you want to create an image repository which you upload images and create thumbnails out of them. Whatever it is you need to be able to upload images and

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Script of the week : ebiz-trader - The Professional PHP Script marketplace

11.10.2018 | Berni | Comments 11 Comments | New | Script ansehen 64826 views | Category: PHP/ Classified advertising

thumb_ebiz-trader-startseite.jpeg To use, extremely reliable, fast and intuitive are among the key features of our PHP application. A flexible class design makes it possible to create almost any classifieds. Whether car market, real estate...

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