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cts classAd V. 2.0

Added on 2002.02.18 by support104@ in the category: PHP/ Shops

CTS ClassAD 2.0 - der Kleinanzeigenmarkt (PHP4/MySQL) Unlimitierte Anzahl Anzeigen und Kategorien, Bilderupload und Thumbnailanzeige, webbasierte Administration, integrierter Mail- und Weiterempfehlungsfunktion, Anzeigensuchfunktion, intuitives Benutzerin

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Added on 2001.12.11 by webmaster384@ in the category: PHP/ Shops

phPay is a shop and catalog system based on PHP and SQL. Features: supports mySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, Postgres, Interbase (you can add others in; database operations from PHProjekt; its own session handling without using cookies; works as sh

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Added on 2001.11.27 by support106@ in the category: PHP/ Shops

SunShop is an easy to manage, fully customizable turnkey e-commerce solution for any online business. Admin features: Easy browser-based administration; Easy installation; Customizable layout and configuration, Fast database back end, Unlimited products a

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Professionelles Anzeigenmarktscript

Added on 2001.11.26 by info586@ in the category: PHP/ Shops

Leistungsfähiges PHP-Script zum betreiben eines professionellen "Anzeigenmarktes" (Auto-, Immobilien- Job oder Kleinanzeigenmarkt) mit MySql-Datenbank als Backend. Umfangreiche Adminfunktionen, Nutzerverwaltung, Fotoupload bis zu 4 gleichzeitig u.v.m

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Added on 2001.06.07 by rkurth@ in the category: PHP/ Shops

This is a set of PHP and MySQL scripts for setting up your hosting customer sites on RAQ automatically from user input. You can have your new hosting customer's account up and running in as little as 5 min. Features: Add the site user, Add the domain, Set

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SalesCart X

Added on 2001.05.08 by design4@ in the category: PHP/ Shops

The first, and currently the only, FrontPage e-commerce solution that is totally customizable on Unix. SalesCart-X provides additional features over SalesCart-STD and runs on any Linux/Unix ISP-based server who provides support for PHP4 and the Apache We

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Clover Shop L3

Added on 2001.05.05 by clovershop@ in the category: PHP/ Shops

Clover Shop L3 allows you to create your own online store with basic features. Clover Shop L3 is run from just three PHP scripts and everything is kept simple. Databases are simple text files and you can edit them through your web browser or a text editor

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Automatic Shop

Added on 2001.03.16 by Berni in the category: PHP/ Shops

A GPL'd webshop script targeted at selling and delivering digital content. Currently contains an affiliate marketing system, a shopping cart and order management.

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eZ trade

Added on 2000.12.03 by bf4@ in the category: PHP/ Shops

eZ trade is an object oriented e-commerce solution written in PHP and licensed under the GPL.

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Credit Card Validation Solution

Added on 2000.08.31 by info644@ in the category: PHP/ Shops

Credit Card Validation Solution uses a four step process to ensure credit card numbers are keyed in correctly. This procedure accurately checks cards from American Express, Australian BankCard, Carte Blache, Diners Club, Discover/Novus, JCB, MasterCard an

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Script of the week : ebiz-trader - The Professional PHP Script marketplace

11.10.2018 | Berni | Comments 11 Comments | New | Script ansehen 60593 views | Category: PHP/ Classified advertising

thumb_ebiz-trader-startseite.jpeg To use, extremely reliable, fast and intuitive are among the key features of our PHP application. A flexible class design makes it possible to create almost any classifieds. Whether car market, real estate...

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