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Eventuoso Solo

Added on 2017.03.11 by tdsystems in the category: PERL/ Kalender


Advanced calendar and event management solution with powerful admin backoffice, reliable and robust backend, and outstanding technical support. Manage your events and enrollers easy as 1-2-3, accept payments online or offline, check and print comprehensiv

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Added on 2004.03.14 by info121@ in the category: PERL/ Kalender

cal ist ein kleiner Event-Kalender für die eigene Homepage. Termine können auf einer Adminoberfläche oder wahlweise auch durch Besucher erfasst werden. Wiederkehrende Termine sind möglich. Einfache Installation. E-Mail Benachrichtigungen bei neuen, durch

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Added on 2000.07.26 by Berni in the category: PERL/ Kalender

What separates this from other calendars you'll find is that it is extremely flexible to your own layouts and tastes. It functions based off HTML templates, so if you know HTML, you will be able to change how your calendar looks, where the data app ears,

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Lozinski's Calendar

Added on 2000.06.23 by Berni in the category: PERL/ Kalender

Quite simply, the hottest scheduling tool used on the web! It's fast, easy to use, easy to customize, has features found no where else, and is improving all the time! Check it out for yourself and see why people aren't spending hundreds of dollars on comm

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Script of the week : ebiz-trader - The Professional PHP Script marketplace

09.11.2021 | Berni | Comments 238 Comments | New | Script ansehen 86856 views | Category: PHP/ Classified advertising

thumb_ebiz-trader-startseite.jpeg To use, extremely reliable, fast and intuitive are among the key features of our PHP application. A flexible class design makes it possible to create almost any classifieds. Whether car market, real estate...

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