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Unsere Software bietet Ihnen eine Fülle an Features und Modulen an, die es Ihnen ermöglichen eine professionelle und zeitgemäße Webseite zu betreiben z.b. - Inhalte bearbeiten (CMS) - Newsletter - Nachrichten (News) - Adserver (Bannerverwal ... Script ansehen

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OnPremise versus Cloud - fin the right system

In this article, we highlight the advantages and disadvantages of cloud or on-premise systems. And why it is definitely time to move to the cloud.

09.05.2022 | Neu | julia_mjr

Why texting with artificial intelligence is really good

Why texting with artificial intelligence is really goodArtificial intelligence is about to take over the world. The biggest companies are developing systems that can write a text for you. And they do it very well.

05.01.2022 | Neu | Berni